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Featured Product: EC 160 CO2 Incubator

The EC 160 introduces a range of innovative features to ensure that the culture conditions are as close as possible to the organism, in order to provide representative results in the lab that replicate those in life itself.

Standard features on the EC 160

NÜVE LifeCell Control Software NÜVE RaPIDcell Fast Recovery NüveTrack Monitoring System NüveDis Wet Disinfection System

Optional features on the EC 160

NüveClean Active Contamination Protection nUVeRay UV Disinfection System NüveStore SD Data Storage System NÜVE AlerText Remote Alarm Message System

NüveCell Data Tracking on Remote PC NüveWarn Remote Alarm System

The CO2 level is assured by an Infra-Red sensor that is unaffected by temperature or humidity, ideal even with frequent door openings. It is sited in a chamber-temperature heated line outside of the chamber and protected by a sterilizing 0.22 µm filter.

A 6 door option keeps all parameters very close to set values during door opening, ideal for cultures in microplates or other small volumes susceptible to drying out, and can keep different batches separated.

More information about the EC 160

For temperature stabilized sample protection
Optimizing blood component quality during storage
Accurate sample separation from micro to macro
For total environmental control
Sample conditioning and testing at varied temperatures
For a precisely controlled biological environment
For sample handling in a safe environment
Medical Refrigerators
From small laboratory to industrial scale
Stirred, unstirred, refrigerated & shaking
Pure water always available, small to large scale