Message from CEO

Still surging ahead after 50 years

NUVE, which is the pioneer and leader establishment of Turkey for the production of laboratory and sterilization technologies, was established in 1968. In 1976, we began our production in a small atelier to touch our dreams and to build up NUVE to become a respected global manufacturer for laboratory and sterilization equipment.

Our production started with water baths, ovens and incubators. Now our mastery of technology encompasses centrifugation, steam sterilization, ultralow freezers, ultraclean environments and much more by the help of our increasing experience and knowledge. Our products are used in biotechnology, research and quality control laboratories and in all kinds of medical laboratories, agriculture, botanical and veterinary fields and in the quality control laboratories of many industries such as food, chemistry, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, telecommunication, plastics and aviation. In our factory established in Ankara, we continue to manufacture 68 products, which are gathered under 9 different product groups, with the excitement of the first day and our dedication to serve our country.

Since 1968, we have succeeded to create a brand that is known and used safely in many countries in the world by our continuous research and development studies and increasing product variety each year.

In today's competitive world, producing only quality products is no longer sufficient. The concept called "brand" is not a product logo or an emblem. A brand represents a culture and a manner of life. Everyone at NUVE, from production through to finance and sales,  represents our brand as a whole. Wide product portfolio, mass production technology, wide domestic and international distributor network, customer focused service, fast technical service response, unlimited spare parts availability, short delivery time in accordance with international standards; are only some of the services that are offered naturally to the customers of NUVE, but they are the most important factors creating the NUVE brand.

We cover all Turkey through our domestic distributors and NUVE products are exported to over 100 countries through our international distributor network. We manage to do this, by giving great importance to R&D, manufacturing technologies, HR, effective and conscious use of resources, training and marketing and we keep on investing for these valuable assets. As a Turkish brand that sells its products world-wide, we are thinking globally to understand all customer of NUVE. We always aim to move forward with firm steps, to grow, to expand our product portfolio and to be a single source comprehensive solution for our customers. 

In the journey of NUVE, which started 50 years ago, our valued co-founders, who are not alive today and remembered by respect, taught us how to dream, to create, to be fair, to set goals and to work towards these goals. In other words, they taught us to how to create value. We know we have great responsibility. That is why, whatever the local or global conditions may bring in the coming years, we will continue to work, produce, develop and create value…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your faith in the NUVE brand and assure you that we shall constantly strive to provide you with innovative yet robust equipment that will provide you with outstanding service and go on providing you exceptional value in the future.



CEO and President