Your one stop shop for a wide range of laboratory and sterilization equipment

Solid experience in laboratory instrumentation

NÜVE is a world class manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory and sterilization instruments. Building upon our 50 years of experience we offer excellent choice and value and, above all, full support to our customers.

Worldwide availability and support

With a worldwide distributor network operating in  over 100 countries, there is sure to be one close at hand. He can advise and guide you in the choice of product most suitable to your needs and budget, provide installation and training and ensure that you have qualified service backup throughout the life of your NÜVE instrument. And judging by our track record for reliability, that product lifetime is likely to be a very long one, giving you an excellent return on your investment.

A complete range

The NÜVE product range is comprehensive, covering the essential core products for most laboratories, whether this is for ovens, incubators, centrifuges, climatic and test chambers, dry or steam sterilization devices, freezers, laminar flow and safety cabinets, water baths and stills, blood bank instruments... you are certain to find a product to please you.