PN 150 Platelet Incubator

Keeping precious platelets in ideal condition

Designed to accept PS 54 Platelet Agitator, PN 150 Platelet Incubator has been built to provide long service to blood banks. Their rugged construction in stainless steel is combined with high density polyurethane insulation for platelet protection. Efficient cooling and fast temperature recovery after door opening optimize this protection.

Observation of the platelet bags is enhanced by a triple glass window with anti-fogging inner glass, while the outer panel prevents degradation of the platelets by UV rays. Lockable door and password protected control system ensure that only authorized personnel can add or remove bags and change settings.

PN 150 Platelet Incubator is powered by N-Smart™ which has internal memory storing temperatures records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically. By means of NuveCloser™ software, the PN series Platelet Incubators can be controlled via internet. Sample safety is given top priority with audible, visual, open door and optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system, plus an optional AlerText™ text message to multiple mobile phones. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard Alarms are independently powered by a permanently recharged battery. 


  • Chamber Volume: 150 liters / includes 1 pc. PS 54 Platelet Agitator.
  • Temperature range: +20°C / +35°C.
  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system.
  • Maximum information with highly visible 4,3’’ colourful LCD display.
  • Massive data storage with internal memory that stores the records up to ten years with one hour intervals as digitally and graphically.
  • 2 pcs. USB port for data storage and PC.
  • Ethernet port for remote access through internet.
  • Possibility of sending e-mails in case of any failure.
  • Optional NuveCloser™ software to access the operating parameters, failure history, memory and other technical parameters.
  • Stainless steel chamber.
  • Convenient observation of platelet bags with interior illumination and large window.
  • High density injected polyurethane insulation.
  • Perfectly insulated triple glass window and stainless steel frame.
  • Antifogging inner glass for avoiding condensation and outer glass blocking UV light.
  • Prevention of air leakage from the chamber and ambient ingress with magnetic gasket.
  • Protection against inadvertent and unauthorized access by using a key lock.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and stability with powerful air circulation system.
  • Platelet protection by quick recovery time after door openings.
  • Standard remote and central alarm ports.
  • Power switch with key lock to prevent the plataret incubators from unauthorized use.
  • Audible and visual alarm system.
  • Alarm system fed by automatically re-chargeable battery.
  • Display of actual temperature even at power failure.
  • Remote and central alarm outlet as standard.
  • Optional battery operated 7-day chart recorder with high resolution.
  • Optional AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security.
  • Optional NuveWarn™ remote alarm system.