NF 800 & 800R Multi-Purpose Centrifuges

A wide range of accessories & performance

The multi-purpose NF 800/800R bench top centrifuges respond to the requirements of laboratories carrying out a variety of applications. By combining a range of accessories and speeds in a single machine, they reduce the need for bench space and substantially reduce investment cost.

NF 800/800R are ventilated and refrigerated units offering up to 4x200 ml and over 3,000xg in swing-out rotor plus over 18,400xg for a microtube angle rotor. Maximum angle rotor volume is 6x50 ml; a 30x 5 ml rotor provides a high capacity, low cost answer to blood analysis.,

They can spin 6 microtitre plates, have a choice of 10 acceleration and braking rates for optimum separation quality and N-Prime™ microprocessor control system for precise operation with speed, RCF and temperature (R models). The ventilated units are designed to keep temperature rise to a minimum.


                                                     Swing-out Rotors                                      Angle Rotors

  • Maximum capacity:        4x200 ml        2x3 M.Plate             6x50 ml       30x15 ml      24x1,5/2 ml.
  • Maximum speed:           4.100 rpm      4.100 rpm                9.000 rpm   4.100 rpm    14.000 rpm.
  • Maximum RCF:             3.045xg          2.349xg                   9.418xg       3.007xg       18.407xg.
  • N-Prime™ programmable microprocessor control system for accurate and reliable operations.
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push.
  • Programmable parameters: Program no, speed / RCF, time, acceleration and breaking rates and temperature.
  • Four large LED displays for programmable parameters.
  • 1-99 minutes with hold position.
  • Ten program memories.
  • 10 acceleration / 10 braking rates.
  • Stainless steel chamber.
  • Electronic imbalance detection system.
  • Wide range of accessories to accommodate most manufacturers’ tubes and microliter plates.
  • Powerful, quite, maintenance-free induction motor.
  • Rotor overspeed protection.
  • Motor overheating protection.
  • Minimum temperature increase in the chamber by means of ventilation system.
  • Temperature control between -9°C / +40°C.
  • Totally CFC free refrigerant fluid and insulation material.