NB 5/9/20 Unstirred Water Baths

Robust and reliable

Apparently simple, NB series of unstirred water baths is nevertheless controlled by N-Prime™ microprocessor system giving excellent temperature precision, assisted by the triple insulation, for this class of instrument. A timer enables set protocols to be observed.

Most of the footprint of the water bath is usable to accept samples, since there is no pump, circulator or heater inside the chamber. A convenient drain permits fast discharge of the water. Their large displays are easily visible from across the laboratory.

Designed for many general and special applications in microbiology, research and industrial laboratories.


  • Three different useful volumes: 4, 7 and 15 liters.
  • Temperature range: Ambient temperature + 5°C / 99,9°C.
  • Designed for many general and special applications in microbiology, research and industrial laboratories.
  • Excellent temperature control of liquid for uniform and stable temperatures.
  • Reliable and accurate N-Prime™ programmable PID microprocessor control system.
  • User friendly control panel including large bright LED displays for temperature and time.
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push.
  • Password protected menu to secure the operation.
  • Programmable alarm limits.
  • Data recording on memory stick by means of USB port up to 125 days.
  • Programmable delayed start function.
  • Safety thermostat to prevent running dry and audible and visual alarms against over heating.
  • Seamless corrosion resistant stainless steel tank for a longer life.
  • Minimized risk of contamination by the rounded corners and smooth surfaces of the tank.
  • Silicon sheet heaters surrounding the tank from three sides for uniform heating.
  • Triple insulation consisting of glass wool, aluminum layer and air gap for high efficiency.
  • Angled front panel to protect the controller from accidental water spillage.
  • Efficient tank usage as there is no obstruction in the tank such as circulation pump or heater.
  • Convenient drain for discharging the liquid in the tank quickly.
  • Footprint almost equal to the tank dimensions to save valuable bench space.