NS 103 Economical Water Distiller

For all your routine needs

For laboratories requiring a reliable, robust and budget level water distiller, NS 103 is the answer. Stainless steel surfaces throughout the unit ensure long life. A safety device prevents boiling when the water level is low or if there is an interruption in the water supply.

Running costs are kept to a minimum by preheating the water, and shortening the boiling time. Water quality is high with no ions in the final product

A manometer allows the user to view and control the variable water pressure. For convenience, the NS 103 is designed to be wall mounted and save laboratory space.

  • Distilled water capacity: 3,5 lt/hr.
  • Designed to produce distilled water economically and rapidly.
  • Distilled water quality confirming the requirements of international pharmacopeia and bacteria and pyrogen free with minimized gassing.
  • Distilled water conductivity is approximately 2.5 µSiemens/cm at 20°C depending on the inlet water quality.
  • CO2 degassing through the gas exhaust pipe.
  • Boiling tank, condenser and heater made of stainless steel.
  • Energy saving design by the distillation of heated cooling water.
  • Protected heater against running dry.
  • Warning led for low water level.
  • Manometer to adjust and control the inlet water pressure.
  • Wall mounted type.
  • Easy and simple operation.