Service Contracts

Preventive & repair servicing

NÜVE equipment is designed to provide good service over a long life.  The experience of our customers certainly supports this. Regular servicing by qualified and fully trained personnel is the best way to ensure that you achieve this objective.

The world-wide network of NÜVE accredited distributors is ready to assist with preventive maintenance and a variety of other service contracts.

A service Contract provides the following advantages:

Optimum performance at all times 
- The most accurate and reliable results, routinely

Minimized down time 
- Reliability is at a maximum

No interruption to operation 
- Servicing carried out at a preferred time

Reduced cost of ownership 
- Greatly reduced probability of breakdowns in the long term

Aid to budgeting 
- Cost is planned and spread out; much reduced unexpected costs

Reduced or no spare parts cost 
- Depends upon the plan selected

Proof of conformity 
- Certified by the manufacturer or his accredited distributor

Priority support 
- From the manufacturer and his accredited distributor

Please use our Technical Support Request form for full information on how we and our distributors can support you by providing a support package or responding to your current servicing needs.