Useful Tips

Deep Freezer Tips

Always wear cryogloves
Do not risk heating stored samples
Do not risk electrical overheating and cut-out


Always wear cryogloves
The quickest way to store a sample in a deep freezer is to put your hands inside. Touching the extremely cold surface will usually result in the leaving of some of your skin inside! Always wear cryogloves.

Do not risk heating stored samples
Limit the number of samples that you introduce at any time. Remember that a sample at room temperature of 20 °C is 100 °C hotter than samples frozen at -80 °C. A single cryobox contains energy equivalent to switching on a 60W light bulb for one hour inside the freezer. Instead, stagger the introduction of samples if possible and allow each group to freeze before adding more.

Do not risk electrical overheating and power cut-out
Do not use an extension lead. Plug the freezer directly into a power outlet using the cable attached to the freezer. Above all, never use a coiled extension lead, particularly without uncoiling it. If a coiled extension lead is used temporarily, be sure to fully unwind it. If you do not, the electricity passing through the coiled cable will create a substantial amount of heat. In a good quality coiled lead, this will cause a safety switch to cut the power (leading to overheating of your samples in the freezer). A poor quality coiled cable will burst into flames with resulting disaster.

If your freezer must be sited further from a power outlet than the fitted cable permits, then get a qualified electrician to fit a longer cable, but only as long as necessary.

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