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Heating & Dry Heat Sterilizer Tips

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Prepare carefully for the best results and performance
Check vacuum pump compatibility

Prepare carefully for the best results and performance

Before starting a run, check the following (according to model):

   Make sure that the safety thermostat is adjusted to the temperature which is higher than the set temperature.

   Liquids are not heated in sealed containers.

   The boiling points of the samples are higher than the set temperature.

   The freezing points of the samples are lower than the set temperature.

   The liquids which may expand during heating do not overflow from their containers.

   The set temperature does not destroy the structure of the samples.

   The vapours and gases which are generated during the operation are not harmful to human health or flammable or explosive.

   Especially please check that instruments placed inside, which will be dried up and heated, should not be combustible and explosive.


Check vacuum pump compatibility

Ensure that the vacuum pump that you are using is compatible with the vapours that are drawn off from the heated sample. Some manufacturers offer accessories to protect the oil against degradation to extend its life. Membrane / diaphragm pumps with PTFE components resist most chemicals but do not pull as high a vacuum.

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