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Achieve the Protocol Performance at Temperatures Close to Ambient 
Minimize contamination
Provide Proof of Performance


Achieve the Protocol Performance at Temperatures Close to Ambient

Protocol temperatures close to ‘standard’ room temperature of 20 °C cannot be reliably achieved with ordinary incubators. It is generally accepted that the set temperature must be at least 5 °C above ambient temperature in order for an incubator to be able to maintain a stable and accurate temperature. So in many labs this means that a cooled incubator, such as one in the NÜVE ES series, should be selected for protocols of 28 °C and below.

Please check the highest temperature that your laboratory reaches before deciding which class of incubator to choose. You might be surprised at the actual temperatures reached in your laboratory. Increasing levels of instrumentation means increasing energy output. In fact, 99% of energy consumed by electrically powered instruments is finally converted to heat.


Minimize contamination

Use NüveClean™ in the humidity tray of CO2 incubators. Contaminants will be killed when coming into contact with the solution.  When a blue coating appears on the base of the tray, pour away the water, clean the tray and refill with distilled water, adding one dose of NüveClean™.

Plan access to the chamber and so limit the number of times and frequency with which the door is opened, permitting external air to enter. User access is the major vector for entry of contaminants. Close the inner door as soon as the activity has been executed.

View samples with the inner door closed. If necessary, turn the shelf around and replace it in position to view samples towards the back.

Clean the external surfaces of containers with 70% alcohol before putting them into the chamber.


Provide Proof of Performance

Proof that samples have been subjected to the required conditions is an excellent method of winning new business, elimination questions over quality control and giving evidence of conformity to standards authority inspectors and customers alike.

The NüveTherm™ software combined with an RS 232C kit fitted to your EN 025/055 and 120 plus the ES 120 and 252 incubators provide all the proof that you need!

Some Useful Tips information provided is based on publicly available sources. NÜVE provides it in good faith ‘as is’ in a service to our customers, but cannot take responsibility for its use. We strongly recommend scientists to check this information elsewhere before using it.