Useful Tips

Medical Refrigerators

Optimize sample safety

When a sample is under threat, fast response is the key to protection. For this reason, NÜVE has created the AlerText™ SMS alarm system for ultimate security. As soon as a blood bank refrigerator goes out of set range tolerance for whatever reason – power failure, door left open… - a text message is sent to multiple mobile phones.

This could be to a service engineer who would respond as quickly as possible to check conditions and, if necessary, carry out repairs. It could equally be to a scientist who could decide if the samples need to be transferred to another refrigerator.

Optimize product quality

NÜVE Medical Refrigerators are fitted with large observation windows and the bags are held in the drawers at an angle that makes them easy to identify. Do not open the door to the refrigerators and search for the required sample. Do the identification through the door window so that the door is opened for the minimum time. This way, the samples remaining in the refrigerator is subjected to the minimum temperature variance.

It has been proven that stable temperature is one of the critical factors in maintaining the highest product quality.