Useful Tips

Get the best from your NÜVE equipment

Useful Tips is just what it says - a mine of valuable information to help you extract the maximum benefit from your purchase of a NÜVE product.

We discuss subjects as diverse and as important as security, contamination and good laboratory practice as well as performance and optimization of use, depending upon the products in question. Take a couple of minutes to read the section(s) related to your equipment – NÜVE or other brands. You might learn something that will protect you, save time or improve your results.

We are sure that you have useful tips of your own that you could share. Please send them to us and we will publish the best ones!

Blood Banking Tips

For safe, quality products

Medical Refrigerator Tips

Store your drugs and vaccines at the right conditions

Centrifugation Tips

Operate efficiently and in safety

Climatic & Growth Chamber Tips

Extract the maximum performance

Cold Storage Tips

Take care with refrigerated products

Heating & Dry Heat Sterilizer Tips

For efficient and effective operation

Incubation Tips

For the highest quality culturing conditions

Laminar Airflow & Safety Cabinet Tips

Work under the safest conditions

Steam Sterilizer Tips

Recommended protocols and safety

Water Bath Tips

Even simple devices benefit from attention

Water Distiller Tips

Ensure that your system serves you well